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L’Olimpo R.E. Service s.a.s 

(+39) 02  36 5 68 688
Piazza Caiazzo, 3 – 20124 Milano

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  • Use envelopes for documents, even padded, with a minimum size of C4 (A4 sheet size) or similar.

  • Send only paper material, not bound.

  • Write down full sender, full recipient, and tracking number with a thick-tipped marker on the envelope.

How to pack your shipments

It is very important to ensure that the shipment is properly packaged, to prevent it from being damaged in transit.


  • Use a corrugated cardboard box, new, certified for the weight to be shipped, at least with high resistance double wave, which is suitable for the items to be shipped.

  • Interpose between the internal walls of the box and the content at least 5cm of polystyrene in whole slabs of suitable density to cushion blows or stresses.

  • Wrap each item to be shipped with at least 2.5cm of polystyrene or bubble wrap so that they are duly separated.

  • Fill any empty space inside the package with polystyrene, or other filling material. This avoids the damage caused by the impact between the products and protects them from shocks and vibrations deriving from external stresses during transport.

  • Do not combine 2 or more boxes into one body, each box must have its own transport label.

  • Close the box properly with pressure sensitive PVC tape or reinforced nylon adhesive tape, applying at least 3 cross strips (both vertically and horizontally) both at the top and bottom, so that the three seams are sealed.

  • Do not wrap the package with wrapping paper, cellophane or other material, as if it were to accidentally detach, you would lose the waybill.

  • Apply the label on the top of the package. To avoid confusion, put only one address label on the package.

  • Use a transparent pocket to contain any additional documents (invoice, free export, etc.), apply it on the same surface of the package on which the transport label is located. If there is not enough space, apply it laterally.

  • Write full sender, full recipient, and tracking number with a thick-tipped marker on the package.

In the case of insured shipments of bottles of wine, sparkling wine, spirits or similar, it is mandatory to use approved cellars, specific for the type of bottle, such as e-wine secure pack -

Pallet | Footboards 

  • Use standard height pallets, so that they can be forked on by the transpallet.

  • Pack the goods in special cartons.

  • Position the goods so that there are no empty spaces and that the shape is regular to allow the stacking of other goods, occupying at least 90% of the pallet plane.

  • Do not affix writings or symbols such as: fragile, non-stackable, glass, not-stackable, etc.

  • Leave a safety margin between the products and the edge of the pallet.

  • Secure the goods to the platform using plastic or metal straps and / or cellophane packaging.

  • Write down the complete sender, complete recipient and tracking number with a thick-tipped marker on the package, clearly visible.

Suitcases and Bags

  • The goods must be packaged as if they were inside a parcel (see "PARCELS").

  • It is advisable to wrap the suitcase in cellophane packaging or put it in a carton to protect it during transport. If the suitcase were to be damaged there would be no refund as it is considered as packaging.

  • If your suitcase were to travel without cellophane or cardboard, apply the shipping documents so that they do not come off, as the shipment could be lost. (For example, put them in a transparent document filing envelope and make several turns of cross-shaped tape around the entire perimeter of the suitcase.)

  • The suitcase must NOT be closed with padlocks.

  • Write down the complete sender, complete recipient and tracking number with a thick-tipped marker on the package, clearly visible.


How to Ship

Whether you are shipping a package, a pallet, some documents or a suitcase, follow these few steps, the process is very simple.

Prepare and measure your shipment

Prepare your shipment taking care to pack suitable for the content; below are our packaging conditions: how to pack.
Take the measurements of all the packages: weight (in kg), width, height, and depth (in centimeters). The measures also have to include any platforms, packaging or protrusions such as handles, document pockets, strips of tape, etc.

If you are a user at the first shipment you can indicate the billing data, both if you are a private individual or a company. Once you have entered all the necessary data, you can pay by credit card, Paypal, bank transfer or Postepay recharge.

Print the documents

Once we have received your payment, our staff will check the shipment data, if everything is regular they will send you a confirmation email with the waybill to be printed and applied on the packages, the purchase invoice for the service, and the documents additional necessary for non-EU shipments. In case of incomplete or unclear data, for fragile shipments, or for other problems, you will be contacted by our customer service to have the necessary information or to give you the best advice for your shipment.

Collection of the shipment

If you have chosen not to take your shipment to a warehouse or courier collection center, the driver will come to collect on the day and at the requested time slots, and remember that he will pass directly without making any telephone notice. Before handing over the package to the driver, make sure that all travel documents are there!

Shipment tracking

Your shipment is now on its way, check the route and the estimated delivery date by entering the tracking number on the courier's website. In case of anomalies or doubts contact us, we will assist you.



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